Hi where do I found hurambee?

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hi everyone.... im currently doing grade 11 and i would like to ask that when is the right time to apply for a bursary and university

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Gabi - Moderator

Hi Phumie, we suggest you start researching now for any bursary opportunities. It may be too early to apply for some, but knowing what they expect in terms of academic results will help you work harder to achieve what is needed to get the bursary. Google is a great place to start when looking for opportunities. Universities usually have lots of info on different bursary opportunities too, so reach out to the institution to find out more. All the best for your matric year!

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Hi there my name is Vuyelwa I'm 16 going to do grade11 next yearI don't know which career is suited for me so can you please help

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Gabi - Moderator

Hi Vuyelwa111. Take a deep breath, don't panic. This decision is all yours to make and think of it as having power instead of becoming stressed. My advice would be to choose the subjects you're already good at. The subjects you get better grades in. That way you'll choose subjects you're naturally better at doing great at and that will be easier to choose a future from there. Good luck!

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