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Hai I'm new here I have a problem the this guy we grow up together as friends best friend I know him well and he knows me well we live at the same area I know all of his ex girlfriend and he knows all main as time goes on we develop feelings for each other but not showing any signs the this time we discussed to spend time together without any friends around us we talked one thing led to another we go together anywhere we were always on the same side as things went well everyone knows that we were dating bt things changed when he got arrested de I told myself to wait for him until he is back as time goes on I found out that I was pregnant with his child we were talking to each other at the phone almost every day I phoned him and told him that I was pregnant he said I'm joking I said no he admitted that OK so as time goes on he got out he didn't even come to see the child we did have any conversation to each other so one day I told myself I'm going tolk to him I stoled his number from my brother phone called him we talked he came to my house he sow the child bt didn't make any move taking to his parents all I want is my child to know where she from yes I do love him and he also says that he loved me so I gave him a chance to show that ya he showed me bt as time goes by her ex girlfriend came she stayed at his house he told me that bt he said he doesn't love her anymore by tomorrow she will be gone it's Hi mother that loves this gal , as he told me that she will be gone by tomorrow ya that helped we were together again,bt as time goes on the gal came back I didn't take he told me again bt this time she stayed more than mounts as the gal stayed the he would come and see me every day but that didn't work for me I told me I still love this men he haven't even spotted the child or bort her a thing I don't want anything from him I love him I only want see to be really parents and be faithfully honest with me as what mast I do because he says that he loves me sow much bt the things that he is doing fine don't make me happy

1 year, 6 months ago

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Hi Sininoza, thank you for sharing your story with us. Relationships can be really tough when we feel like we're not being treated fairly in them. Whether we're in romantic relationship, a friendship, or a familial relationship, both parties should try and make sure that their actions match with their words. The most important thing to remember is that no one can tell you what decision to make about leaving or staying with your baby daddy. You can take advice from others, but ultimately the decision lies with you. To help you think about whether or not you want to stay with him. Make a list of the good things about your relationship and another list of the bad things. If one list outweighs the other, this is often a good starting point to try and figure out what the best decision will be for yourself. You can also ask yourself questions about whether or not you would be happy with him. Think about if things like if he does or would make you feel insecure or mistreated. On the other hand, we understand that even if you are not in a relationship, it's important that he plays a financially supportive role in the life of his child. Since we know that traditional rules play a big role here, we would suggest that you approach an adult member in your family about what to do. We think a older relative would know better about what to do in the traditional sense and perhaps they can also advise you about what to do from a legal standpoint.

1 year, 4 months ago

Move on girl dnt worste ur tym thinking abt him

1 year, 3 months ago

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