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When I was 11,I was often teased about the way I look. People would call me ugly and fat (I hadn't begun with 'puberty'). I learnt to accept what people said about me, be but one day I took a walk with my friend around the neighbourhood, we came across a group of boys ( a bit older than we were). They started laughing and saying how ugly I was. I ran home, locked myself up in my room and I tried to commit suicide by overdosing my gram's hbp pills.(my attempt was unsuccessful). I'm now 14 and I realise I developed some curves and a quite nice body. But I'm still not satisfied. My teeth are wrong My legs are not straight (I am not 100% happy with myself) I vowed to never take selfish again, after I heard that I am "The DUFF"of my squad. I'm depressed - I'll never own the definition of pretty/beauty 💔

1 year, 7 months ago

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I can relate to "THE DUFF" part of your story.It feels like I am also "THE DUFF" of my group.But let me tell u,it doesn't matter if u are one what only matters is that u love yourself for who u are.

7 months ago

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