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I just don't wanna end my school leadership and my career I've worked so hard I can't trust the teachers at all if I spit out that we'll be the end of me and my school 😪😪😟😭😭

1 year, 6 months ago

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Hi Hustlesoul3, we wish we could know more about your situation so we could advise you better but we are sure there is a good reason why you didn't. We do know that whatever it is you're keeping to yourself, there are people in your community that you can talk to. This could be anyone from your parents/guardians, relatives, an older sibling, a neighbor or someone from your school. Perhaps any one of these people ca make sure that your school career doesn't have to end regardless of what you have to speak out about. You can also speak to the counselors at Childline SA if you like. They will offer you counselling over the phone, in person and online. They are here to help you! Don't forget you can contact them on their 24/7 Toll Free Helpline: 08 000 55 555 for help. Visit their website on as well as their Facebook and Twitter page for useful information.

1 year, 6 months ago

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