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Hey guys, so I've been dating this guy for 2 years , I'm 15 and hid 18 and we've been through alot, we both cheated on each other but we sorted it out My family members hate him,and also beat him uo when they found out about us, recently one of my exes started spreading rumours and my bf fought with him telling him he has no repect... Then the next day i found out that he told people we had sex, it was a video, but i watched the video and he didn't say anything like that... My parents and brothers hate him and the fight is currently going on, we're secretly still chatting... My brothers will kill him if they have to i am so scared, him and I want to get married but my parents will never agree as he has a 'reputation' We plan on saving money and eloping becuz of this... Don't i have the right to choose who i want to be with? Please advise me❤😢

1 year, 7 months ago

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