How do you run away from home?I hate my family,everyone in this house.Everyone wants something I have and I hate that,they want the same clothes as me this christmas.Everyone hates me even my parents I can feel it in thee atmosphere.As I'm writing this comment I'm crying and I'm broken.I was accused of stealing in my home by my own mother but I'm only 13 years old.!!!!I just want it all to end I wanna leave I wanna die if I have to.I'm not who they think I am.I am different .I gave my heart to the Lord but even that wasent enough.They judged me .Hated Me.Please help me for I have no one else to talk to.

6 months, 4 weeks ago

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Gabi - Moderator

Hi Hanli, we are sorry that you have to go through this. Call Childline on 08 000 55 555 (Its free, you don't need airtime) they are there for you should you need someone to talk to.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

Hey Hanli... Am a 20 year old guy experiencing the same thing.. It all started so innocent ... We had a fight with my mom.. She lie to me everytime about serious matters.. So I decided to Leave the house for a week.. I thought of a place where there's no human being but just me.. I left my phone and everything home.. Went to the bush.. I wanted to kill myself but someone saw me.. He brought me back home.. That's when I started doing drugs.. They didn't seem to care about me at home.. A month passed by still in drugs. But one day while i was on my way to buy some drug.. I met a Pastor. He told me how dangerous and bad my life is.. He invited me to his church.. I didn't wanna go there but my heart kept pushing me.. I saw myself there.. They prayed for me.. aS we speek am out of drugs.. Am a church goer I got help in the name of Jesus... buT what hurts the most is that Me and my family still ain't close

6 months, 3 weeks ago
Gabi - Moderator

Hi Hanli and Teebae. Thank you both for your comments. This must be a very difficult time for you both, considering running away from home is a big deal and I think you should both think about speaking to a friend, mentor or professional for support. There are people and places where you can seek assistance. Having people in your life that you can talk to will help you cope with your disappointment, loss, loneliness or sadness. Sadly, we can't talk to you directly but you can call Childline SA. They will offer you counselling over the phone, in person and online. You don't need to give them your name and can contact them any time of the day or night. Contact them if you are suicidal, depressed or feel alone. They are here to help you! Contact them on their 24/7 Toll Free Helpline: 08 000 55 555 for help. Check out their website: http://www.childlinesa.org.za, Facebook and Twitter page for useful information.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

I wouldn't say run. But if you can distance yourself from all that negativity for a bit you'll feel a lot better. Stay with a friend or maybe another family member? For a week or however long it takes for your family to value you for what you are.

5 months, 3 weeks ago

You see don't think that no one is with you for god has his times I also had that feeling to run away and I did cozs I am not happy where I was staying but killing yourself is the devils saying don't sell ur life to the devil but to Jesus . Jesus loves you he will give u directions

3 months, 2 weeks ago