Hey guys so me && my frend hve known each other for a very very long tym ,,so about a month ago she went wif me to a party ,,she didn't tell her mom whre she was ,,I told her to ,but she refused... so we got drunk and I decided thats its best if I slept over at the frends house(whre da party was)we wanted to take her home but she refused... so the morng came && when she went home ...she blamed me and her mom sent me a very bad voicenote ...I stayed away frm her & stuff ...she always gossips about me by others and thy tell me ...i dnt wanna do any thing but wot is the reason for her acting this way?

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I think she wanted to end your friendship but se didn't know how or she is jealous or you did something she didn't like be the bigger person go to ta talk to her

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Reasons are because she kinda feels like you've neglected her after you heard the bad voice note. Usually friends remain friends even after an adult/parent comes between them. So letting her go just like that made her angry && she decided to find new friends && gossip about you. But y'all could fix things , its just a silly mistake y'all made. Good luck though!

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She obviously isn't mature enough to take the blame herself.

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