Hey!!I'm 18 years of age. I'm pregnant and I font want to embarrass my mother I don't want her to know about this and now I'm 4 months and I'm not ready for a baby and I want to get rid of my pregnancy what should I do!?

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dear its really hard hun , i was also scared to tell my mother i got pregnant in 2016 .. but now that you are 4 months i guess its dangerous , i now its hard for you but just try and talk to your mom about this ..

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chomi, ur mom must be ur friend.U must tell her everything, she should know everything from who u are dating to who u are sleeping with. sit her down n tell her that u are pregnant. Being a teen mom is not easy ask I'll tell u. I have 11month daughter n its not easy raising a baby alone, U will need ur mothers help to take care of ur child. Do not destroy the pregnancy, u will regret ur self later in life. keep the innocent soul please

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