hey guyz,.....am 17 years old I had scares at my face from an fire accident when I was 7 years..... since then I never had confidence about my self and I don't even have the energy to look in the mirror and tell myself that am beautiful.... because am different from other girls and I will never again get my normal skin back

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Hi Tee. Every person is different and different is beautiful. I believe that everything happens for a reason and our scars tell a story, they are what keeps us going. No matter what happens in our lives, God created each of us for a purpose and no scars nor pain can restrict that purpose from prevailing so be confident and know that you're not alone because God's got you. Take pride in yourself and show the world what you're good at. They'll focus on that rather than focussing on your beautiful and unique scars. I adore you because you're strong and you've lived with the scars for ten years now without taking your own life. You rely are a Phenomenal Woman.

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