Event Terms and Conditions

All participants must be escorted by a parent or guardian to the event who will be required to sign a consent and release form and, in consideration of my/my child’s participation, to the fullest extent permitted by law, shall indemnify Livity Africa and Girl Effect and any of their Employees, representatives or associated parties, from any liability, claims or lawsuits brought against them, by myself, my child or others, that arises in connection with the Springster Young Writers Meet-Up (the “Event”). Participation at the event will not be permitted without parental/guardian consent and indemnification.

Springster is a website which provides useful content to help teenage girls. The website is run by Girl Effect - a global charity for girls and Livity Africa, a non-profit that helps young people develop creative skills such as writing. We would like permission to use any of the content created by participants at the event on the website to help other young girls in South Africa.

By submitting the form, I confirm I have read and understood the what will happen at the event and to any story I create or any materials created or gathered at the Springster Young Writers Meet-Up.

As a Participant at the Event, I understand and agree as follows:

Livity Africa and Girl Effect may film, photograph or record me and my story during the Springster Young Writers Meet-Up event. They may also collect written materials like notes or drawings from the event to help remember my story.

Livity Africa and Girl Effect can use any video, photographs, recordings, drawings and/or notes from the event to tell my story and share my ideas with others.

If I am, or anyone else is, at risk of harm in anyway whether as a result of telling my story or otherwise, I must inform the Safety Officer at the training and the Safety Officer to decide what steps need to be taken to keep everyone safe.

Livity Africa and Girl Effect may use materials shared from the training on their websites, at events, in presentations, or in any publications and I give my permission for any such materials relating to me in any way to be used without me reviewing them first and I understand that I will not receive any payment for their use.

Livity Africa and Girl Effect have the right to share the materials collected on the day with their partners and investors to help gain their support and do more to help girls around the world.

Livity Africa and Girl Effect will not publish my full name, contact details (e-mail, postal addresses, telephone numbers) or any other information that could identify me personally in any of their use of materials from the Training and they will not share these details with any partners or investors.

Livity Africa and Girl Effect will only use materials for the furtherance of their charitable purposes, and not for the profit of any commercial business.

Unless someone contacts me to seek further permission, Livity Africa and Girl Effect will only use materials for a maximum of 4 years, after which they will be securely destroyed and no further use will be made of them. I also understand that it is not possible to remove or destroy material which has already been shared in the public domain (e.g. on websites, in publications).

Livity Africa and Girl Effect each have the right at their own discretion, to decide whether or not to publish or use any of the work or materials created at the Springster Young Writers Meet-Up.

Livity Africa and Girl Effect have the right to cancel the event for any reason including, for example, if there is not enough interest for full attendance at the event. They will let applicants know if the event is cancelled.

Contact Livity Africa or Girl Effect by email sanelisiwe@livityafrica.com if I have any questions and that I have the right to ask for my information to be deleted at any time.