I failed a grade

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Your thoughts (64) I failed a grade

My name is Linda and I have two friends named Koketso and Nolly. I met them when I was in grade 8 and we became very close friends.

My friends are really nice but sometimes I feel as if they treat me differently. They sometimes have sleepovers at each other’s houses without inviting me. I have asked them about it and but they never answer me.

When we are in class they would play around and ask me to do the same. We would not be focused on what the teacher is saying but talking and laughing. When we write tests and assignments they would get high marks while I fail or get the lowest.

People at school would tell me that they are making a fool out of me. One girl even came and told me that Koketso and Nolly always study together when they do sleepovers. Every day when they get home they would study everything we studied at school.

That year I failed grade 10 and they passed it leaving me behind. I would cry every day and wouldn’t want to go to school. I told my mom about it and she was very supportive. She told me those true friends would never do that to me and I should focus on passing.

You must always know that:

Friends support each other

They don’t bully one another

They help one another

Make friends with people who will help you when it comes to school work. Choose friends wisely.

Tell us what you would have done if you were Linda.

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Leave your stupid friend you will be ryt ohk

6 months ago

Leave those friends alone because they have dirty minds

6 months ago
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