Own your body

Don’t be afraid to say “NO”.

Own your body

No girl dreams of being a young mom or dropping out of school, but life happens! I started having sex to make my ex-happy - even though I was not ready for it.

He told me to have an abortion when I fell pregnant and left me when I refused to do it. Being a teen-mom makes me think about my future a lot, especially about sex.

Saying “NO” to bae can be scary but it’s necessary. But sex comes with babies and sexual infections. If you are not prepared by practising safer sex, you’ll be left to deal with the consequences by yourself. So, girls, we should not have sex to make other people happy.

It should be a step you take because you are ready. When the time comes, be strict about using condoms so you are protected from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. It’s your body. You get to make the rules — not your bae, friends or society.

Do you feel the pressure to have sex? Tell us about a time you had to say no to a partner.