WHY won’t they let me have a phone?!

Do you have a mobile? Springsters: I need your help!

Your thoughts (55) WHY won’t they let me have a phone?!

In my family, no-one has a mobile (I live with my mum, dad, grandma and younger sister and brother). My father thinks they make people act disrespectful and careless, and my mother says they’re dangerous! I’ve tried to persuade them but it’s not working.

I’ve explained it will help my grades

Lots more boys in my class have phones and internet access than girls. It helps them to look up things we’re learning and they get better grades. It’s not fair - it looks like they’re smarter! But when I told my mother about it she said I just needed to work harder and use books to get this information.

I’ve asked them to trust me

My father doesn’t want me on the internet. He says bad people use it. I try to get my point across calmly, there may be some risks online, but there’s lots online about staying safe too - if they’d trust me to stay on the right sites.

My neighbour, Rain, uses her phone to let her mother know where she is. When we’re together her mother even lets my mother know. But STILL she won’t admit a phone could actually HELP me be safe!

I promised it won’t cost too much

My parents say phones are too expensive. I’ve explained you can get credit and only spend what you have. I help my mother on her grocery stand, and I help my grandmother with sewing. I said we could just use what I helped to earn… but my mother got upset, saying I should work with her because I want to help, not because I want something for myself.

I can’t give up

My family might get angry if I keep on asking. I’ve thought about saying we should get a family phone to share, and that it could help promote my mother’s business... but lots of people my age have their OWN phone… am I being selfish?

If you have a phone - what worked for you? How did you get it? What should I do? Help me out Springsters!

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