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My life changed when I fell in love. And even though our relationship had its ups and downs, we always found our way back to each other. It was clear to me that we were meant to be, but boy was I wrong?! He showed me his true colours when I fell pregnant, which was a shock as I was on birth control and used a loop.

I thought it would not be an issue as baby daddy and I spoke a lot about starting a family together. Let’s just say I never saw him again after I told him that we were going to be parents. When I called, he’d say he had more important things to do than support me, even when my doctor told me that because my loop was still inside me, chances were high that I’d miscarry. Heartbroken, I turned to my family. They tried to lift my spirit but I just wanted baby daddy back in my life. The stress finally took its toll on Christmas day when I woke up in severe pain and found blood on my sheets. I remember thinking, "If this is the type of misery this baby is going to put me through, then I don't want it.” The baby turned out to be fine, and I decided to pull myself together. We don’t always make the right decisions in life, and sometimes when we do, like me using birth control, things don’t always go according to our plans.

My son’s name is Akello, which means to bring forth. I decided to put him first. He deserves a mother who will be strong. He gave me the courage to go on and has made me the person I am today.

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Girls am a boy l want to speak for myself thng z u thnk all boiz are heartless let m tell u not all...

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Be strong dear that's how boy normally do

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