The birds and the bees

Don’t be embarrassed, even flowers have to reproduce!

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Sex is how we reproduce and reproduction is a fact of life. Humans do it, animals do it, and plants do it.

Eventually, everyone enters a stage called puberty. During puberty, sex hormones awaken. For most girls, puberty happens sometime between 10 and 14 years old (for boys, puberty usually happens between 12 and 16).

For girls, puberty also means the beginning of your period, which just means that your body is ready for a baby. During puberty, many people start to see the people around them differently. There might be a special someone who makes your heart skip a beat. This is completely normal, and a sign that your body is operating as it should.

With the start of puberty, you need help to understand what's happening to your body. Talking about sex might feel embarrassing at first, but it's important to have the correct information and to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Understanding your body is the beginning of understanding yourself!

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Guys I don't wanna have sex but I wanna start pillow humping or masturbating can someone tell me how...

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I sometimes touch myself! It feels great but can my virginity break? I love it can anybody give me...

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can I have yo contact so that I send yu the information

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O74. 721. 0809

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