Meet Big Sis By Springster!

Time to boost your knowledge on safe sex and relationships

Meet Big Sis By Springster!

Can't see Big Sis? Click the links below for Whatsapp and FB Messenger!

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Welcome to Springster, a place where girls can learn, connect and be themselves. We’ve got stories and quizzes on all the hot topics like periods, love, friendships, school and safe sex. Speaking of sex…are you curious about safe sex and relationships? Big Sis can help!

Big Sis is a smart robot who lives on Facebook Messenger. She’s been trained by Springster to help girls learn, test their knowledge and make smart choices when it comes to sex & relationships. You can take quizzes or ask questions about safe sex, love, virginity, pregnancy and much more!

She's got all the realest answers and like the perfect friend, she’s smart, caring 💕and never judges.

Chat to Big Sis now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Facebook Messenger icon
Meet Big Sis By Springster!
  1. Log Into Facebook Messenger when prompted
Meet Big Sis By Springster!
  1. Accept the T’s & C’s and start Chatting to Big Sis
Meet Big Sis By Springster!

You see It’s super easy! Give it a try now.

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