What’s happening inside me?

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Menstruating is a natural part of being a girl. Most girls start their period about a year after starting puberty. This is when you start to get taller, grow hair on your genitals and under your arms, and your breasts start to grow.

So, what happens inside your body during your period?

-The lining of your uterus (your womb) gets thicker. This happens so that if the egg (which is released from your ovary each month) is fertilised by a guy’s sperm, it has somewhere for the baby to grow. -When the lining leaves your uterus, it’s because it’s not needed for a baby to grow in. That lining is the blood that comes out of your vagina. -The blood can be bright red, dark red or dark brown and sometimes has some dark lumps of blood in it called clots. -Your period usually lasts for a few days, but every girl has a different experience. So don’t panic. If you are worried speak to someone you trust or go see a doctor

What happens on the outside of your body during your period?

-Your skin and hair are oilier and you get a few pimples. -Your stomach might look bloated and you may get cramps. -You might feel emotional and angry or upset about little things.

When will you get your period?

Your first period often happens between the ages of 12 to 14. But it can be earlier or later. It just depends on your body and how fast it is developing.

How can you keep clean during your period?

Periods are natural and having one doesn’t mean that you are dity. However, it’s important that you wash yourself carefully and keep clean. Mistakes can happen, and every girl or woman might get blood on their clothes from time to time. Just do your best to help stop this happening - Like using pads, tampons or a clean cloth.

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