Can’t find work?

Here are five things to do to keep you busy.

Your thoughts (29) Can’t find work?

You’ve finished school and are unable to study further right now. In the meantime, you’re trying to get a job, but can’t find anything. Here are a few things you can do that will help you with your future:

Volunteer at a community organisation.
Volunteering can lead to opportunities and you get work experience to put in your CV. Commit a few hours or days a week so you still have time to look for a paying job.

Work out!
Join or start an exercise class, sports team or running group with other girls in your area. It’s a good way to meet people (who may know of a job opportunity), and it will lift your mood.

Grow it, cook it.
Start a small vegetable garden to make healthy meals and save money. Sell some of your veggies in your community to make extra money.

Take a class.
Look out for free or cheap part-time classes and courses. Learning a new skill helps you grow. It’s also a great way to meet people, which is important when you’re looking for work.

Get advice.
Speak to someone in the line of work you’re interested in so you can learn more about the job. If possible, visit them at work for a day and watch what they do.

Being without a job can get you down. Stay positive and avoid negative people and those who promise you quick money or dangerous ways to make money. Spend time with good friends and do things you enjoy. Take your mind off the job search for a bit, but don’t waste your time.

Don’t give up on getting that dream job and good luck!

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but nou everything is about money you snooz you loose n everybody need money 4the needs witch is...

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EI do everything thing that I have to do

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That's great sLaShMiNd. Never give up!

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