1 gig, 30 days

Do this to make your data last the whole month.

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Who doesn’t love Facebook, chatting to the bestie or surfing the Internet? There’s one huge problem. Data is just so expensive. And to top it off, data seems to run out just as soon as you top up (#annoying). Until data falls, you need that 1 gig to last you 30 days. Here’s how you can do it.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Switch off data when you’re at a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Downloads like apps, songs, games can take a lot of your data. But a girl has got to stay connected. This is why night data bundles come in. Call your network operator for deals and specials. For a list of hot spots, click here .

Use data monitor

Data monitors show how much data you used per app so you can uninstall apps that use a lot of data or only use the app when you have free Wi-Fi. If you need Wi-Fi for school work, ask your parents or siblings if you can connect to the Internet using their Personal Hotspot.

Disable automatic updates

Updates are fabulous, but not when they use your data. To change your settings from automatic to manual, go to your phone settings and select apps (or the app store) to switch off updates.

Stop videos from auto-playing

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have auto-playing videos when browsing through them. Log in, go to setting, choose auto-play, switch it off or change the setting from on to off.

Switch off your data when not in use

Switch off your data when you’re sleeping or in class. Some apps can run in the background when they’re not open, using your data unnecessarily.

You can use the money you save on data to buy stationery or treat yourself to something really cool.

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My data doesn't stay the whole month I don't know why? Please assist me _iam using Cell c

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Gabi - Moderator

Hi Sbongakonke. Thanks for your comment. Read the steps in the article and it should assist you no...

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Thanks for then useful tips. I used to use about 1gig of data everyday. But now I can save....

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Hey Lira1. That's great. Now you can save some cash!

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