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Here’s how you can have fun without booze.

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You love your fun but not with alcohol. You’re probably feeling the pressure to drink, but it’s okay if choose not to. You CAN have a fabulous festive season.

Host a pyjama party
Gather your crew at your house and ask everyone to bring their favourite movies, make popcorn and make it a girls’ night like no other. Stalk your crushes on Facebook, share your goals for the next year and laugh until you cry from all the girly talk about boys, school and celebs. Add nail polish and you have a manicure party.

Swimming club
Find out where your community swimming pool is and form a swimming club that meets several times a week. You can find your nearest pool in Gauteng, and the Western cape at the websites linked or ask a teacher or sports coach in your area for recommendations. You get to keep your body fit while having fun with your girls.

Click here for more pools in your area.

Get moving
Borrow your brother’s bike and join a cycling club, or start a walking club. You can also do something to earn money, like braiding, painting or gardening.

A bring and share party
Invite your friends over for a party. Terms and conditions? Everyone makes their favourite salad and contributes a little money to buy meat for a braai.

Fashion queens unite
The only thing better than going bargain hunting alone at second hand shops is doing it with your friends. Look for charity shops where you can get amazing clothes for as little as R20. It’s like going to the mall but better because you can shop till you drop without spending a lot of money.

So, what happens if you’re invited to a party? You can still have fun without alcohol. Bring cool drink and games (like Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders), and the night will be lit!

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Not to be negative or something but iam from the ghetto without booze you are boring and its hard to...

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just ask your mom money and buy snacks then watch a horror movie..

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Hi heletse. That sounds like a plan.

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Yep that's the best way

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