All shapes, sizes and colours

...that’s what beauty looks like.

Your thoughts (100) All shapes, sizes and colours

Look in the mirror. Now what do you see? Whatever your answer, we also know that it’s beautiful. It seems like everywhere we look, from TV shows to magazine covers, we are being told that we not beautiful — too slim, too thick, too brown, too light, hair is too coarse…

It’s enough to make us want to scream.

So what’s the solution?

It's time that we recognise that beauty comes in all shapes, complexions and sizes!

When it comes to what makes a person great, it’s always the stuff that’s skin deep that counts, like being loving, supportive and kind.

They way we look doesn’t determine how successful we will become. That takes character. Lots of people with different body types, hair textures, facial features, and skin colours are beautiful and successful! What makes them gorgeous is their confidence!

There are many things wrong with making girls believe that we have the wrong body type and complexion. It can make us do harmful things to our bodies, like going on an extreme diet. It makes us doubt ourselves, which can give us a low self-esteem.

We are what we believe. So get in the habit of telling yourself that you are beautiful, smart and important.

Boost your confidence by feeding yourself positive thoughts and words. What are the three things that make you unique?

The key is not comparing yourself to others. Celebrate who you are!

Now, look in the mirror again. What do you see? Perfection!

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