Be the best to your bestie

Not only now, but forever.

Your thoughts (453) Be the best to your bestie

There’s no stronger bond that exists than a friendship between two besties. Even if you have a big circle of friends, you probably only have a few best friends. Those are the ones that you can trust with anything, but friendships take work and all relationships need to be maintained.

It’s not a competition
Everybody is a star in their own way. There's no need to feel jealous or envious of each other. If your bestie is better than you at something, there's probably something else that you are better at than her. You're equally beautiful and talented. Just keep shining like the stars you each are!

Say things honestly
Many people think that sorry is the hardest word to say. They’re – speaking truthfully and from the heart is much harder. But what if being honest could cause hurt feelings? Use your head and your heart! For example, if your bestie asks what you think about the cookies that she baked, don't tell her that you don't like them. Say something like, “I can see that you’ve been practicing! Let me share this new recipe I found with you.” This shows your honest opinion without hurting her feelings.

There are never enough compliments
Give her credit and compliments. Everyone likes to hear a nice word every now and then. Friends pay attention to each other, even if it's something small.

Celebrate together
A good friend celebrates her friend’s achievements. Congratulate her and celebrate goals she has been working hard to achieve. Supporting each other and being there when needed is the key to a long and strong friendship!

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Hi I am new her can I get are welcome

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