From friendzone to baeville

...How to make it work.

Your thoughts (101) From friendzone to baeville

Sometimes, you search and search for love when it has been right under your nose all along as the male friend who’s always there for you. But you think his place is in the friend zone. Before you put him there forever, ask yourself if you really don’t have feelings for him. How would you feel seeing him with another girl? If this thought makes you sad, maybe he needs to move from friendzone to baeville. How will it work? Keep reading.

This means being able to say what you’re feeling and thinking, and also listening to him. Understanding each other helps to make a relationship stronger. It also boosts trust and honesty.

You’re teammates and equals. Like you, they hurt and make mistakes. Apologise when you have wronged each other and always consider each other’s feelings when saying or doing things. Respect shows your bae that you value them.

The best thing about starting from the friend zone is that you know each other without filters because you’ve always been free to express who you are. You know each other’s strengths and weakness, and go out of your way to accommodate your differences.

Always remember that you get what you give. Be kind and understanding, and be giving of your time and attention. This can be helping each other with chores and school work, or going for walk!

You won’t always get your way. This is true about every aspect of life, including relationships. You are going to have to do the things bae wants to do instead of what you want. However, it’s important that you are not the one who is always making sacrifices and only doing the things that bae wants.

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