It’s not you. It’s me

Learn how to cope with people when you’re an introvert.

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You love spending time alone doing your favourite things, like catching up with TV. Being an introvert doesn’t make you antisocial. It’s just that you’re the kind of person who enjoys their own company.

Sometimes, when you're more comfortable on your own, it can make socialising or dealing with people scary. So how do you deal with people? How should you react when your friends are giving you the guilt trip because you’d rather read a book than go to a party?

You have to show them that you care. If your friends know you well enough, they will understand. And if they don’t? Explain it to them. Show you care in another way, like helping them tidy their wardrobe.

Rather than going to the mall, invite your friends to the park. Bring people into the things you love, like reading books — and watch your friendships become deeper and more meaningful.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t make or keep deep friendships. You can! Maybe you’re never going to a party with a friend, but you can help them with homework.

You don’t have to be shy just because you’re an introvert. Here are some tips to help you overcome nervousness when meeting new people:

1. Talk to everyone
Start with one person, like a classmate you only ever smile at. Start small by saying hello to them. When you’re more comfortable, add another person, and greet them every day.

2. Pay compliments
Does one of your classmates have a new hairstyle you like? Let them know! Complementing people is a great way to start a conversation.

3. Join a club
Maybe you’re a good singer or dancer. Join a drama or sports club to meet people who share your passion.

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