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Ever think about you and bae being like Beyonce and Jay Z, or Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha? You know, the kind of couple that everyone wants to be? Great relationships have goals, which are things that you want and work towards. Having goals gives you something you can do together for your future.

In it to win
While it’s fun to just hang out with bae, why not turn some of your time together into school time? You can do your homework, study and help each other with revisions and exam preparation.

Cash Money
Ever wanted something so bad but couldn’t get it because you didn’t have money? Maybe you want to rock matching sneakers or go to a really nice restaurant. Start saving. This is when you put money aside for your future goals. But set ground rules, like how much you must contribute. Then ask an adult you both trust to keep the money safe for you.

Healthy body
Eating healthy and exercising has benefits like improving your mood and helping you concentrate better at school. You can start a walking or jogging club of two. But remember to always exercise in safe places, like where there are lots of people and avoiding dark streets and abandoned areas like a veld.

Love vibes
The ultimate #relationshipgoal is taking care of each other’s health when your relationship becomes sexual. This means talking about pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and how to prevent them. You need to know each other’s HIV status and to always use condoms to prevent pregnancies and STIs. It may not seem easy to talk about these things to your bae, but it’s nothing be worried or embarrassed about.

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