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We are all special. This is something that every girl needs to know. You are the definition of everything that is beautiful and powerful. You are amazing, gorgeous, strong and full of potential.

That’s right, that’s who we all are. But sometimes we forget just how amazing we are. We forget that beauty is not just about how we look; that beauty is also skin deep. The stuff that’s inside is what matters the most. When we remind ourselves of this, we build confidence and self-esteem, and that’s always a #WIN!

So how do we find that one special thing about us?

Yolanda’s talent makes her special. She’s a dancer and a member of a group she formed with her sister. “Even though your talent is something that you have naturally, it takes practice to really be good at it,” she says. Want to find your magic?

You can start by trying something new. Learning a new skill or trick is a great reminder that you are able to do what you put your mind to. You can also do little things every day, like reminding yourself that you are worth it, you can do and you are special.

When Thando wanted to find something special about herself, she asked her family and friends to help her. That’s when she discovered that she’s unique because she’s a good listener, and knows how to help people feel good about themselves when they’re down. She has empathy — the ability to put herself in other people’s shoes.

There are many other ways to discover what makes you special. Like surrounding yourself with positive people who help pick you up and remind you that you are great. Everyone is unique, you included!

So celebrate yourself just as you are!

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