Why I do things that scare me

And why you should too!

Why I do things that scare me

It might sound a bit scary, but I like to try at least one thing that scares me each week. By pushing past my fear I've been able to reach goals and dreams I never thought were possible.

From learning how to be braver at putting my hand up in class to starting a small market stall with my own jewellery. All these goals started with a small act that scares me and eventually became natural and easy.

Here's what I learnt about stepping outside my comfort zone and letting fear be your fuel towards your dreams!

  1. Take a moment to notice where the fear or discomfort is in your body. If it's public speaking you’re scared of it might feel tense in your throat or stomach. If it's asking someone on a date it might be in your heart. Once you locate the sensation in your body, pause for a moment. Practice taking 5 deep, long inhales and exhales, while focussing your attention on the area of your body where the fear is. This way your breathing positivity back into your body! Also remember fear is just a negative thought of something in the future that hasn’t happened yet. So instead of thinking what if I fail, think WHAT IF I SUCCEED!
  2. Find your support system. Stepping into the unknown can be a lot less scary if you can reach out to someone who has already walked that path. Find someone you admire or is good at the thing you want to try and ask for their advice. Most of the time they will be flattered and happy to share their tips with you.
  3. Give yourself a massive high-five or treat yourself to something sweet. Whatever it is, make sure you take a moment to celebrate your bravery. It's so easy and comfortable to stay inside your comfort zone - doing something that scares you deserves a celebration! Also - the reward at the end will help trigger positive feelings next time you want to try something scary.

What's something you have been wanting to try but you are too nervous to? Try out these steps and see where it takes you!

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