I want to be a driver but I am too scared to talk to my parents

I want to be a driver but I am too scared to talk to my parents

I love everything about cars - the freedom, the pace, the places you can see! But I’ve only ever been a passenger and I’m ready to be in the driver’s seat!

I’m desperate to get my license so I can practice driving even more and work towards my dreams of becoming a professional private driver.

One of my brother's friends is a driver and she says that it’s so fun exploring new towns and talking to all different kinds of people.

Hearing this makes me want to be a driver too but I’m nervous to tell my parents that this is what I want to do with my future.

I spoke to my sister about it and she gave me some great advice.

She told me to be ready and prepared with possible questions and concerns they have. Like how I will afford petrol or whose car I would use to practice.

She also reminded me to speak to them at a time when they are relaxed or not in a rush. So I arranged to speak to my parents over the weekend, as I know during the week they are tired from work and getting my little brother to school.

Her final advice was that if my parents got impatient with me, to remain calm and respectfully listen and try to understand their point of view so I could work to address their concerns and talk to them again another time.

When I spoke to them - initially my dad first said that he was not happy about me wanting to be a driver.

Luckily, I had so much prepared for our chat - that when he raised any concerns I had an answer ready for him. Every time I answered his questions - he came around more and more to the idea.

Also because I had practised the conversation with my sister a few times before I was able to stay calm and really listen to their concerns. Because of how calm I was, my parents too kept their cool.

It turns out they just want me to be safe and have a bright future! I’m so glad I spoke to them about my aspirations and have their full support.

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