How I saved money to go to coding school

How I saved money to go to coding school

I have always loved computers. I remember when I was very young, mum took me into her office job and I saw my first computer - I was hooked.

Our science teacher is helping me learn basic computer coding - I even built a basic computer game this year. Now, I want to go a coding class when I graduate.

I have applied for scholarships, but they are very competitive, so I have to save up.

I didn’t know the first thing about how to save money! My mum is always finding ways to save - like going to the food market at the end of the day to get the best bargains or waiting for sales to buy any new clothes for us. I was so excited when she agreed to help me create a savings plan.

First, I set my goal and then I divided that goal into months to work out a realistic timeline. I only had 10-months until I graduated, so I needed to be very disciplined.

Then, we went through my spendings and highlighted things I need in yellow and things I want in blue. Basic groceries is yellow, but eating out at the night market with friends is not a need, it's a want, so it's blue. For the next few months, spending on cosmetics and new clothes would be on pause.

I picked up extra shifts at my restaurant job, and also picked up some babysitting once a fortnight with our neighbours.

I was very busy, but knowing it was just for 10-months and I would get to reach my goal kept me motivated!

I bought a small piggy bank so that I wouldn’t be tempted to dip into my savings. Now all my income from my restaurant went directly into my piggy bank,then my spending allowance was what I made from babysitting. It wasn't a lot but as I was not buying new things, I could stretch it for my essentials.

I also made sure to keep this in a safe place and not just on top of my desk. I kept it very hidden at the back of my wardrobe!

At the end of the 10-months, I got to my goal! I received a partial scholarship which meant I had a little left over - which was great news because I didn't factor in the cost of the required books for the course so I was able to buy them before school started too.

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